The New Life Foundation

The New Life Foundation of Moshi, Tanzania, is a non-profit organization that helps transform the lives of poor, oppressed children and young women. It is home to nearly 500 poor children, pregnant teens, and HIV/AIDS orphans who are suffering from homelessness, hunger and disease. The Foundation includes an elementary and secondary school, a vocational training centre for unwed young mothers and at-risk teenage girls, a training and community outreach program, and an orphanage for abandoned or orphaned babies. Founders and directors Rev. Glorious and Josephine Shoo created New Life in 2001 to improve the socioeconomic status of young women and children in their communities through the provision of education and support, thus helping to create a better future for their country. In addition to their work with New Life, the Shoos also work closely with such well-known Christian relief organizations as Compassion International Tanzania and World Vision Tanzania.

In February 2012, UNITE visited New Life in Tanzania and delivered funds and supplies as well as a book of letters from our Global Girls UNITE youth group. The children of New Life wrote response to each child. Currently we are working to secure sponsorships for the students. In the spring of 2012, UNITE welcomed and hosted both Bishop and Rev. Shoo in the United States and Unite Founder Anne Wells and Josephine were interviewed on the Greenwich Radio Show Darby & Friends. Listen to their broadcast here.

In June 2013 members of Unite’s youth group Global Girls & Guys Unite visited New Life in person and delivered funds raised to support Maasai Honey’s work with New Life to build and grow a beekeeping program – yielding honey for food and sale as well as a small candle making business.

Read Anne Wells’ most recent article about New Life Foundation HERE.

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