Unite & SEGA Raising Funds to Launch a New Microfinance & Business Education Program

The Sega Girls School, which stands for Secondary Education for Girls Advancement, provides an provides an exemplary boarding-school education to 150 empoverished and marginalized girls living at risk of child labor, early marriage, teen-pregnancy, prostitution, human trafficking and more. Sega Girls School has been recognized as an international model school and has received two large USAID grants to help them increase enrollment to 200 girls by 2015.

Since 2008, Unite and Sega Girls School have worked together to execute on-site First Aid and public health trainings as well as to link girls around the world in communication campaigns. Unite was instrumental in garnering solar panels for the school, and in 2011 our Global Girls Unite (GGU) youth group raised funds to send the Sega girls to the coast to see the ocean for the first time.

Today, Unite & Sega Girls School – together with their U.S. fundraising arm Nurturing Minds in Africa – are launching a first-of-its kind micro-finance education and business development program to enable these exceptional young women the opportunity to becomes leaders and empowered businesswomen in their communities.

We now need to raise $5,000 to make this possible. Please help. We are working to complete this campaign by December 31st. All donations are tax-deductible and can be made online at www.nurturingmindsinafrica.org. Please cite Unite in the subject line. SEGA and Unite will provide regular reports and updates. For more information email anne@unitetnz.org or call 314-239-3997. Thank you!

Here, a series of articles written by Anne Wells about the Sega school and the state of education for girls in Tanzania that was featured on Africa.com.




My name is Furaha; I am fourteen years old. I come from Dodoma. In my family we are five children, three brothers and two sisters. One of my brothers is in prison; my sisters are in Dar es Salaam. My mother is dead and I don’t know my father.

I stopped going to school in 2006 because of poverty. I used to sell buns in order to get money for my basic needs. Since I have joined SEGA my dream is to study hard and reach university and be a doctor. My sister had taken the application form for me. I did the interview and I was selected to join Sega, I was very happy. My aim is to study hard and help people like me. I promise to be in the forefront to get education because I know SEGA is my father and mother.