Our Vision: A world in which each person affirms the unity and interconnectedness of humankind and acknowledges and embraces his or her role in the fight to end extreme poverty.

Unite The World With Africa, LLC, is a 100%-volunteer social organization launched in 2008 by Anne Wells to provide impactful connections, resources and expertise to advance and grow women’s health, education and microfinance programs in select communities throughout Tanzania, East Africa. To this end, Unite identifies and partners with a number of small-yet-exceptional NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and local leaders who are doing their work in excellence, having a positive and measurable impact on their communities, and are also in great need of support and assistance from the West. In November 2014, Wells incorporated an affiliate charitable organization Unite the World with Africa Foundation, Inc. to raise funds to support partners in Africa that provide health, education and micro finance programs for impoverished communities.

UNITE is a portal of service through which ALL PEOPLE can become part of the solution. If you have a heart and mind for service in East Africa, please email Anne directly.

Our intention is to raise an army of ambassadors for — and to work side-by-side with — those individuals and groups working on the front lines in the battle against extreme poverty and its associated suffering. Over the years, with our team of Americans and Tanzanians alike, we have vetted dozens of NGOs and religious groups as well as individuals working under no formal organizations across East Africa. And for Unite’s 20+ selected partners, we have raised many hundreds of thousands of dollars from hundreds if not thousands of individuals. Donations have been provided in the form of direct cash to and from Unite, the provision of supplies, and through the forging and managing of relationships with American donors who — it is our work to ensure — then become long-term friends and supporters.

Our goal is to empower at-risk and marginalized women and girls to live healthier, happier, more productive lives. To do this, we get creative. In 2010, we launched the online retail outlet Ashe Collection through which we have sourced and sold (direct retail and wholesale) jewelry, accessories, clothing, handbags and household goods handmade by artisans across East Africa. Ashe’s purpose has been to help to drive job creation overseas and to raise awareness and funds for our partner programs.

To mobilize and empower American youths and encourage them to embrace their innate power as global change agents, we launched the youth group Global Girls & Guys Unite, which focuses on education, connection with peers in Africa and fundraising.

And, knowing that it is human nature to be moved by what we can see, touch, taste and feel, we launched our Unite Tours arm through which we have led annual service safaris across Tanzania and sent hundreds of American safari goers on unique adventures that combine traditional wildlife safaris with field visits to our partner NGOs where they are welcomed as friends to learn and share in settings that are widely undiscovered by traditional tourists.


  • Collaboration and education
  • Empathy, love and compassion
  • Peace, knowledge and understanding
  • Hard work and persistence
  • Humility and a sense of unity
  • Spiritual development
  • Stewardship to the natural world
  • Respect for all life
  • The awakening of the world
  • The eradication of extreme poverty
  • And HOPE for all that is possible.

Top photograph by Remy SIMON and Helene Wallaert