The Pamoja Project is a series of three short documentary films that tell the incredible story of three Tanzanian women working in the areas of education, microfinance, and health. In Swahili the world “pamoja” means together. Together alongside the women in these stories, we will share their incredible journey of hope, humanity, and empowerment as they work tirelessly to create real change for the people of Tanzania.

Powerful and inspiring leadership already exists in Tanzania. We believe that sharing these stories across a broad audience will help to promote a cross-cultural understanding of life in this East African country. The major underwriter of this film is the organization Unite the World With Africa, a 100%-volunteer organization launched in 2008 by Anne Wells. Unite empowers at-risk and marginalized women and girls to live healthier, happier, more productive lives. Working with a number of small-yet-exceptional NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and local leaders Unite helps to create positive and measurable impact within their communities. Additionally, the Emmy Award-winning USC Media Institute for Social Change has partnered with us to promote and grow this project and Emmy Award-winning production company Devlo Media, has agreed to complete all post-production of these films completely pro bono, generous beyond words. Because of the amazing people who are supporting this project there is no doubt these films will tell a beautiful story.

Upon completion we plan to host multiple screenings, distribute to schools, run a PBS special, and submit to film festivals. We are now looking for sponsors and donors who are interested in harnessing the power of media to promote social change and cross-cultural understanding. We invite you to join us and envision a world in which “us” and “them” no longer exist.

We are pamoja: together.

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