Change our world, educate a girl. ~Nurturing Minds

The Sega Girls School is a residential secondary school for bright motivated girls who had previously dropped from school due to poverty, pregnancy and/or other extreme circumstances. Sega offers these girls a second chance at life and an opportunity for a top-tier education.

Unite has been working with Sega since 2009. We have conducted on-site First Aid and basic lifesaving trainings. We have secured many student sponsorships. We raised the funds to help launch a business education program through which the girls learn how to start, run and grow school businesses, which ultimately create an income to help the school attain self-sufficiency. In addition to seeking more student sponsors, Unite is now working with Sega to grow its business education program by securing opportunities for apprenticeships with local women business-owners. Unite is also raising funds to build out the Sega school library.

The Girl Effect, created by the Nike Foundation, illustrates brilliantly why it is so critical in our world today that we invest in the education of girls.


Bottom three photos courtesy of Nurturing Minds in Africa and Sarah Bones. Top photograph by Remy SIMON and Helene Wallaert