Unite for Africa!

Unite for Africa! is a club that empowers girls and boys here in the United States to experience their personal power as change agents in the world.

Our Unite for Africa! teams work to achieve three main goals:

  • Education (learning about life in East Africa)
  • Connection (creating personal relationships with peers in Tanzania)
  • Fundraising (coming up with unique and impactful ways to mobilize their communities).

100% of funds raised by Unite for Africa! directly supports UNITE’s work to advance community health and education programs with our partner NGOs throughout Tanzania.

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The Gifts of Unite for Africa!
In 2009, Unite for Africa! raised enough funds to purchase 500 bednets for the villages of Mvuleni and Nganjoni in the Kilimanjaro District. In 2010, they raised $2500 to send 85 girls from the SEGA School in Central Tanzania to see the ocean for the first time ever. In 2012 they have raised $2000 to date to purchase obstetric supplies and educational materials for our new midwifery training program run with Dr. Goodluck Kessy in Moshi. In 2013 they raised more than $6,000 to purchase beds and mattresses for an orphanage (pictured above), to fund beekeeping and chicken projects with Unite’s partner NGOs, to install an athletic field and to provide scholarships to for a young girl in need. They have created “All About Me” books, they have made videos, they’ve sung, they’ve danced, walked, presented — for Americans and Tanzanians alike, and their gifts keep flowing! Hongera sana Unite for Africa! (Congratulations!)
GGU Directors Simone and Kiera Quinn and our sponsored student Catherine Pascali with her mother and young brother in Mta Wa Mbu, Tanzania.

Unite for Africa! Directors Simone and Kiera Quinn and our sponsored student Catherine Pascali with her mother and young brother in Mta Wa Mbu, Tanzania.

Over the years our Unite for Africa! team has also hosted a number of events and international speakers for our community including:

“Any one of us, however small and helpless we may feel, can spark unimagined changes. Today’s small act of kindness can become tomorrow’s whirlwind of human progress.”
–Mawi Asgedom, author Of Beetles & Angels

In the summer of 2013 three Unite for Africa! families accompanied UNITE to Tanzania to see the fruits of their labor first hand. Here, below, some images from their journey.


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