There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. ~ Kofi Annan

Unite has been working with Moyo International since 2010 to fund and advance micro finance programs across northern Tanzania. Our focus together is on creating and growing village bank programs called VICOBA. VICOBA is called “the liberation of the people” by women and men across Tanzania. The goal: To lift its members out of extreme poverty, create a community that cares and looks out for one another, and to unite and empower members in a common mission.

Small businesses that often develop as a result of VICOBA include: Roadside fruit and vegetable stands, brick-making businesses, piggeries, small dukas, hair dressing salons, sewing and clothes-making shops, raising livestock and farming, and endless others. As a result, school fees are paid, disintegrating homes are repaired, medicines are purchased, more people are hired, and lives throughout communities are uplifted.

In support of the VICOBA, small business development model, Unite has invested in Ilondola Farms, run by Astridah Katalyeba, by supplying a generator to the farm – for water and electricity – and by supporting the development of a chicken program and a beekeeping initiative. Additionally, Unite has invested in the businesses of Alice Chingwaba of Morogoro, Tanzania. To date we have helped Alice start an organic farm, a timber/maize resale business and a small store. For more information about Alice, click HERE.

Most recently, Unite has funded work with Moyo to establish a chicken meat/egg income-generating program with the AJISO legal aid group in Moshi to empower the team of volunteer paralegals a small income to cover all admin, transport and work-related expenses. Additionally, together we address the individual needs of child victims of rape and violence on a case-by-case basis.

Currently, Unite and Moyo are working together to assess new micro loan/VICOBA programs to invest in and develop.

Top photograph by Remy SIMON and Helene Wallaert