The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it. ~ George Kimble

Unite Tours are truly adventures of a lifetime. We are excited to be working with a few of the best outfitters in Tanzania to combine traditional safaris with field visits to Unite’s many partner non-profit organizations across the country. Together we are busy creating all kinds of new cultural and voluntourism opportunities in Tanzania, personalizing experiences and affording many unique opportunities to learn, share and discover in all the ways that are most important to YOU.

Whether you want to spend time reading in classrooms, playing football or music with children, celebrating with the Maasai, hunting with the Hadzabe and/or touring some of the most advanced medical centers in the country, Unite can make it happen… all before or after your journey deep in to the bush where you can experience the greatest concentration of wildlife on Earth as humans have for thousands of years.

With Unite, you are received as friends more than tourists, allowing you to create relationships that we hope will last for many years to come. Our work is to ensure that your experience of Tanzania is magical and true… Come with us, share your passions and receive all the gifts Tanzania has to offer. Read about our upcoming tours and about how to plan for safari in Africa.

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Here, our partner organizations to whom we send our Unite Tour clients to discovery, learn and serve.


Top photograph by Hélène Wallart PhD & Rémy Simon. Bottom photograph by Francesco Pierre-Nina.